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Body Massage Online Course: £125

No Time Limits No Practical Training
Theory Exam Complete Online
Course Suitability Beginners/Upward

Home Learning Course Description

Whether you want to upskill, retrain for an exciting new career, or want to learn how to perform life-enhancing therapy for the benefit of yourself and your loved ones, our Home Study Qualification courses can be the perfect fit for you.  

Our beginner’s home learning course in Swedish Massage is designed for anyone who wants to become an Holistic massage therapist. Using our detailed course manual alongside the FREE instructional tutor-led videos you will learn how to perform the best selection of essential massage movements so that you can confidently deliver professional body massage treatments, that are both relaxing and therapeutic.

The beautifully written and illustrated course manual guides you through a pre-treatment consultation and helps you to identify and manage common contra-indications. The manual also provides you with easy-to-understand, essential information such as the relevant anatomy and physiology, and the wide range of effects and benefits your friends, family and customers will experience from receiving therapy treatments from you.

Other Information

This home learning course in body massage requires you to study your course manual and pass an online multiple choice test paper.

You will then learn the techniques by following the tutor-led instructional video supplied with your course.

We recommend that you complete several case studies on friends and family before offering treatments professionally to members of the public. Case studies are self-assessed and this additional experience will help you become familiar with the treatment sequence and client consultation processes. Conducting your own case studies will also boost your confidence and enhance your level of professionalism.

Qualification and Insurance

The Certificate Qualification is awarded as soon as you pass the online theory test, which allows you to arrange your insurance straight away, in order to work as a self-employed therapist, start your own home-based business, or even work as a mobile therapist.

This course is suitable for complete beginners and also useful for those who wish to brush up on the techniques you have learned in the past.

UPGRADE OPTION: Once you've passed your Certificate course, you might wish to upgrade your Certificate to a Diploma qualification. This means that you will be able to attend a class course of practical training or even opt for solo training if you prefer.



This is an entry level course and as such you do not need to have any previous experience or qualifications to participate.

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Questions & Answers

Yes. All of our online courses can be studied by anyone at any level, though some do require you to have studied our body massage course first.
The IGCT (International Guild of Complementary Therapists).
Many choices from reputable industry recognised insurers including: Westminster Insurance (our featured insurers), Wellbeing Insurance, and Towergate Insurance.
Yes, our Certificate courses are suitable for professional practice, although we do encourage you to practice for several weeks with family and friends first. Once you have acquired professional therapy insurance cover, you can offer treatments to the public from your home, from your salon or as a mobile therapist and you can charge a fee for this service.
Yes, of course. You can UPGRADE your Certificate to a Diploma by attending practical tuition with one of our highly experienced tutors. Contact our admin team to learn more on: 0333 123 2626.
You will be able to learn the same practical skills at home, as you would learn at an attendance course but you'll need to study the comprehensive course manual and then practice the treatment routine several times, upon friends and family, referencing the tutorial video where available.
No, this is a home learning Certificate course and does not involve practical tuition.
No, you don't need a level 3 qualification in order to deliver this therapy professionally. However, some employers and some London Borough Councils may specify a level 3 qualification as a requirement.
You will be provided with your manual in PDF format and once you’ve read it you will be able to complete your on-line test paper at our website. Other than that all you need is a reliable device to study your manual and tutorial videos (where available) A good internet connection is essential when streaming the tutorial videos.
No, you do not need to purchase equipment to study this course, as long as you already have an electronic device to read your PDF manual and watch the streaming tutorial videos. However, in order to practice the therapy you will need to purchase a therapy couch and other materials such as towels, oils and creams in order to practice the techniques upon friends and family. You will find details of all the items you need in the course manual. You can also have a chat with our admin team if you require further guidance.

Course Content

You will be given access to download your training materials from the student area of our website. There is an online multiple choice test paper that is easily completed with 8-12 hours of study time. For some people it may take a little longer.

Course Modules

Module 1
History of Swedish Massage
Overview of Swedish Massage

Module 2
Effects and benefits overview
Effects and benefits in detail

Module 3
The skeletal system
The muscular system
The nervous system
The endocrine system
The lymphatic system
The heart and circulation
The structure of the skin

Module 4
Client consultation skills
Consultation environment
Client education
Client confidentiality
Consultation form
Notes on consultation form

Module 5
Correct body mechanics
Guidelines for therapist
Guidelines for client

Module 6
Preparing the massage medium
Client preparation
Therapist preparation
Basic hygiene (therapist)

Module 7
Massage techniques overview
Massage techniques explained

Module 8
After therapy recommendations
Information and aftercare advice
The benefits of drinking water

Module 9
Before beginning therapy
Part one: front of legs, arms & abdominal massage
Part two: back of legs and back body massage

Module 10
Case study guidelines
Case study examples

Additional information
Hints and tips
Your notes and questions

Additional documents
Test paper
Client form
Case study form

First things first

Make sure that this is the right course for you. Then register online and pay for your course. Payment gives you access to the training materials, online theory test paper and the FREE video tutorial.

Starting Your Studies

Login to the fab student area at our website. It's packed full of useful information and will guide you through all of the steps, starting with downloading your course manual. Our friendly support team will be on hand to offer help and guidance every step of the way.

The Theory Test

Once you’ve studied your manual you'll be able to take the test via our dedicated theory test website and complete everything online from the comfort of your own home.

Your Certificate

Once you've passed the theory your Certificate will be posted to you. You can then obtain professional therapist insurance and begin to practice the techniques on family and friends before offering treatment to the paying public.

Practicing Techniques

After you’ve passed the theory test it’s time to get practicing the techniques of the therapy. For this you will need willing volunteers to massage. Practice routines of different lengths and vary the pressures you use to suit each individual so that they benefit from having a relaxing and therapeutic body massage.

Help with insurance

Once you're qualified, and have experience of delivering this therapy to friends and family, you can obtain professional insurance from a number of reputable companies including: Westminster Indemnity (our featured insurers) and also Towergate Insurance, and WellBeing Insurance. Read more at our accreditation and insurance page here >

Upgrading your Certificate to a Diploma

At any point after you have passed your Certificate course, you can choose to upgrade your qualification to a Diploma. This will allow you to attend a practical training course with one of our many teachers in the UK. You can choose to attend solo training or join a class course so that you can work with other students. Please contact our administration office to learn more.

Help setting up in business

We know just how daunting it can be to set-up a new business. So we've got just the thing to help you through all of the steps: From A to Z. Our home study Therapist Business Course provides you with lots of really useful information in an easy-to-understand format. Plus you'll get an Award once you've passed the theory test and worksheets.

Working in London

You can work as a self-employed therapist in the UK with our Certificates. However, if you're looking to work in London you need to know which Boroughs accept Vocational courses such as our Certificates and Diplomas. Read more >

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