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Women Only Class Courses

We understand that some women prefer to attend class training (especially when training to learn massage-based therapies) where their teacher and fellow students are all female. We are happy to respond to this popular request by introducing ‘women only’ training courses at all of our UK venues. Initially we are offering our two busiest courses (Swedish full-body massage and Indian Head Massage) for women only.

Mixed Class Courses

All our class training (unless otherwise stated) is mixed: This means that it is open to both males and females. Our highly valued team of qualified, experienced and highly professional teachers ensure that the needs of each student are considered and addressed. The modesty and privacy of each individual student is respected at all stages of the training process. This training option provides an excellent introduction for working comfortably with both genders during the professional practice of Holistic Therapy Treatments. Group class dates appear on our website.

Solo & Bespoke Courses

This training option allows us to create a closed course for a group of people: friends, family or colleagues. Bespoke courses can be arranged at all of our UK venues. They are not advertised at our website and are not open for others to join. Bespoke training also includes 1:1 (solo) training. If a student opts for solo training then they are required to bring a family member, friend or colleague with them to act at their massage model.

Teacher Recruitment

Would you like to work for our company? Do you hold a teaching qualification? Have you already gained lots of experience as a teacher and therapist? If you can answer 'Yes' to these three questions… then you're in luck! We are always looking to welcome new teachers to our team. Contact us now to learn about our interview and recruitment process.

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