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Thai Hand and Foot Massage Diploma: £199

10.00AM - 5.00PM (Each day) 1 Day Practical
Theory Exam Complete Online
Course Suitability Beginners/Upward

Course Description

Attend one of our courses and enjoy learning authentic Thai Hand and Foot Massage alongside other enthusiastic and friendly people. Our teachers are some of the best and most experienced in the UK and their training venues are professional, comfortable and safe. You can expect a warm welcome and lots of encouragement and caring guidance throughout your course.

Thai Hand and Foot Massage is an increasingly popular therapy at any reputable spa or holistic and beauty treatment clinic. Our comprehensive professional Thai Hand and Foot Massage beginner's course guides you carefully through all of the traditional Thai hand and foot massage techniques so that you can deliver a very effective and therapeutic treatment for your clients.

You will learn both the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills to be able to competently perform this treatment to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients. Adapt the routine yourself to offer a range of Thai Hand and Foot Massage treatments such as a vibrant yet soothing foot massage, a gentle, mobilising hand massage or a longer, luxurious full massage treatment that's both remedial and at the same time deeply relaxing. You can practice professionally with this qualification, read more below.

Practical Training Options

Class: 1 day of practical tuition in a mixed class or a women-only class, (selected venues only) with between 2-8 participants.

Solo: 1 day of practical tuition, just yourself and the teacher. You'll need to provide a massage model for working on if you choose this option.

Bespoke or Salon: We can arrange training for groups of friends and also for salon staff. The number of days and the costs will vary depending upon the number of participants and any special requirements/requests you might have.

Qualification & Insurance

As an approved training provider, we are able to award you with a Diploma that is recognised throughout the UK and accredited for insurance purposes by UK governing bodies including: The Guild of Beauty Therapists (GBT), The International Guild of Complementary Therapists (IGCT) and The International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

Insurance can also be obtained for the UK via our FEATURED INSURANCE COMPANY: Westminster Insurance. This company offer insurance not only in the UK, but for many other countries around the World.

Other insurance agencies in the UK who can provide you with professional insurance in the UK are: Wellbeing Insurance and Towergate Insurance. You will be able to practice as a self-employed therapist or mobile therapist. If you are seeking employment, always check with your potential employer (or local council) to ensure that this Diploma will be accepted by them.


Free Video Tutorial

You can access our ‘Learn Thai Hand and Foot Massage’ video tutorial FREE for 3 months after you’ve paid for your course. This is best to access just 2 weeks before your course so that you know what’s involved in the course training. Then, in the remaining 10 weeks after your course it’s a great way to refresh your memory of the techniques you were taught during the practical.

You can watch the video trailer at our Vimeo channel here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/learnhandandfootmassage


This is an entry level course and as such you do not need to have any previous experience or qualifications to participate.

How To Pay

Pay for this course in 2 instalments. The first instalment secures your place on the course. The second instalment gives you access to the training materials, online theory test paper and practical tuition


Pay securely online via PayPal or debit/credit card.


Pay securely over the telephone using your credit/debit card.

Bank Transfer

Make payment from your own bank account directly into ours.

Questions & Answers

Yes, and you don't need any previous experience to participate. Also perfect as a CPD course or a refresher course for practicing therapists who want to refresh their skills.
If you attend a class course then students work upon one another so a massage model is not required. However, if you attend a solo course then you would need to provide your own massage model.
The Beauty Guild, IGCT, IICT & INHA.
Which companies offer me insurance with this Diploma? Many choices from reputable industry recognised insurers including: Westminster Insurance (our featured insurance company), Wellbeing Insurance, Towergate Insurance, The Beauty Guild, and the IICT.
Yes, all of our courses are suitable for professional practice*. And once you have acquired insurance cover our Diplomas allow you to offer treatments from your home, from a salon or as a mobile therapist. Working professionally means that you can charge a fee for this service.
*If you are seeking employment, always check with your potential employer (or local council if you wish to work in London) to ensure that this Diploma will be accepted by them.
Yes, there is time to learn all you need to know. And that’s because all our classes are small (between 2-8 participants) and so you'll receive plenty of focused guidance and individual attention from our teacher. You will be taught a complete therapy treatment routine for delivering to your clients. And because students practice upon one another, you will also experience for yourself how fabulous and effective this treatment can be. Or, if you choose to do solo training instead of class training, you will have all of the teacher’s attention throughout the full day of your training.
You will learn the same practical skills as you would learn on a longer course. The main difference between a long course and a short course is that you'll need to practice the treatment routine upon friends and family, in order to perfect the techniques till you feel super-confident. This will be easy to do - using your manual and (where available) our on-line tutorial videos for further assistance after your practical training.
You're always welcome to return and attend only the practical training again in order to refresh your practical skills. This is known as a refresher course and it allows you to brush up on the techniques you have learned with us. Refresher courses are only available to students who have previously completed their course with us, and substantial discounts are offered.
No, this is a Diploma course. Diploma courses are also known as ‘short courses’ or ‘fast-track training’. However, the treatment techniques you'll learn are similar, and in some cases more extensive than on a level 3 course.
In most situations you don't need a level 3 qualification in order to deliver this therapy professionally. However, some employers might want you to have a Level 3 qualification, and some London Borough Councils may specify it as a requirement for selling you a licence to practice in their borough.
You will be provided with your course manual in PDF format, and once you’ve read it you’ll be ready to complete your on-line test. This is a simple, multiple choice test with 45 questions. Our administration team will also be available to chat with you and help you to find out what you need to bring, and how you need to prepare, so that you are all set up to have a great time.
Yes, we do! And the first 3 months of access is totally FREE! These videos are great for you to use a week or 2 before your course practical so you can see what you’ll be learning, and then as a reminder of what you’ve learned, after you’ve completed your course. You can ALSO purchase this training video at our Vimeo.com channel if you’d like to watch it after the 3-month FREE period. These videos can either be downloaded or streamed directly to your TV or hand held device. Visit our Vimeo channel >

Theory & Practical

This is the background and theory that you study from home and then complete an online test paper before attending your practical training. It is easily completed with between 8-12 hours of study time. For some people it may take a little longer.

Course Modules

Module 1
History of Thai Hand and Foot Massage
Overview of Thai Hand and Foot Massage

Module 2
Effects and benefits overview
Effects and benefits in detail

Module 3
Bones of the hands and feet
Reflexology of the hands
Reflexology of the feet
The lymphatic system

Module 4
Client consultation skills
Consultation environment
Client education
Client confidentiality
Consultation form
Notes on consultation form

Module 5
Correct body mechanics
Guidelines for therapist
Guidelines for client

Module 6
Preparing oil and cream blends for therapy
Client preparation
Therapist preparation
Basic hygiene (therapist)

Module 7
Client lying down throughout therapy
Client lying down and then sitting up
Client seated throughout therapy
Massage demonstrations or 'taster sessions'
Massage techniques explained

Module 8
Working alongside other therapies
Body Detox & Thai hand and foot massage
After therapy recommendations
Information and aftercare advice
The benefits of drinking water

Module 9
Before beginning therapy
Part one: leg work
Part two: foot massage
Part three: hand massage

Module 10
Case study guidelines
Case study examples

Additional information
Hints and tips
Your notes and questions

Additional documents
Test paper
Client form
Case study form

First things first

Make sure that this is the right course for you. Then register online and pay for your course. The course is paid in 2 instalments. The first instalment secures your place on the course. The second instalment gives you access to the training materials, online theory test paper and practical tuition.

Getting Prepared

Login to the fab student area at our website. It's packed full of useful information and will guide you through all of the essential steps before attending your course practical. Our friendly support team will be on hand to offer help and guidance every step of the way.

The Theory Test

The course manual will be emailed to you. Once you've studied the manual you can then take the multiple-choice theory test online from the comfort of your own home.

Practical Instruction

When attending the 1 day of practical training you'll receive expert guidance from our qualified and experienced tutor. There is no practical test... instead you're ability to understand and demonstrate each technique is assessed as you are learning.

Your Diploma

Once you've passed both the theory test and the practical training & assessment, your Diploma will be posted to you. You can then obtain professional therapist insurance and begin offering professional therapy treatments to paying clients.

Help with insurance

Once you're qualified, you can obtain insurance from a number of reputable companies including: The Beauty Guild, Towergate, Westminter Indemnity, International Institute for Complementary Therapies. Read more at our accreditation and insurance page here >

Help setting up in business

We know just how daunting it can be to set-up a new business. So we've got just the thing to help you through all of the steps A through Z. Our Therapist Business Course provides you with lots of realy useful information in an easy to understand format. Plus you'll get a Diploma once you've passed the theory test and worksheets.

Working in London

You can work anywhere in the UK with our Diplomas. However, if you're looking to work in London you need to research which Boroughs accept short Diploma courses such as our own. Read more >

Thai Hand and Foot Massage Course Special Offers

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